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19. 11. 2012

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Jindřich Fritz 100 MT

C 15. 6. 2012

Šachový svaz ČR, Sdružení šachových problémistů a Československý šach vypisují
mezinárodní anonymní skladatelskou soutěž studií ke stému výročí narození Jindřicha Fritze (15.6.1912 – 9.11.1984).

Cenový fond  10 000 Kč (cca 390 EUR).
Téma volné, rozhodčí IM Jaroslav Polášek je připraven udělit také speciální vyznamenání za rozvoj Fritzových idejí.
Originály (max. 3 studie od jednoho autora) zašlete nejpozději do 15.6.2012 řediteli turnaje Emilu Vlasákovi na,
v nouzi poštou (Stavbařů 3, 400 11 Ústí n. L., Czech Republic).
Průběžné informace, seznam došlých zásilek a rozsudek najdete
Rozsudek bude otištěn také v Československém šachu.

Jindřich Fritz 100 MT

C 15. 6. 2012

To celebrate the centenary of  Jindřich Fritz  (15vi1912 – 9xi1984),
Šachový svaz ČR (Chess Federation of the Czech Republic), Sdružení šachových problémistů (Association of Czech Problemists
) and Československý šach Magazine
announce an
international anonymous composing tourney for endgame studies.

Prize fund: 10 000 CZK (about 390 EUR).
Theme free, but the judge IM Jaroslav Polášek is ready to award special distinctions to development of Fritz ideas.
Originals (not more then 3 studies per composer) send till June 15th 2012 to the tournament director Emil Vlasák,  
a classical post is accepted (Stavbařů 3, 400 11 Ústí n. L., Czech Republic).
Running information, list of entries and award will be available on the web
The award will be also published in Československý šach.

Please, reprint.
If you have problems with typesetting of Czech diacritics, it is acceptable to omit accents. 


GM Jindřich Fritz                               IM Jaroslav Polášek                 Emil Vlasák

Diary 1

5.12 21:25   Announced
5.12. 22:25  The first entry
5.12.-6.12. Salutations from  Yochanan Afek,  Péter Gyarmati (reprinting in Magyar Sakkvilág), Mario Guido Garcia, José A. Copié (reprinting in Finales... y Temas),  Ilham Aliev, John Beasley.
6.12. On the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic web published a small article by EV about Fritz, Fritz MT100 with two diagrams for o.t.b. players.
8.12. Reprinted in Finales... y Temas 67, thanks!


Number Date Nick Kings Comments
1 5.12. Albus Dumbledore Kf5-Kh6 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
2 7.12 Cornelius Fudge Kb1-Ka3 solved by the judge, seems to be sound
3 7.12. Severus Snape Kf8-Kh8 immediately found two side-solutions by EV
4 13.12. Elfric the Eager Kh5-Ka7 not for a human without computer
5 15.12. Severus Snape Kf8-Kh8 correction of the number 3
6 20.12. Lucius Malfoy Kd5-Kg1  cancelled by the author
7 22.12. Cedric Diggory Kc1-Kg1 solved by the judge with a small computer help (4...h3! 5.Nf4 Kg3!), seems to be sound
8 23.12. Peter Pettigrew Kd4-Ke8  
9 18.01. Quirinus Quirrell Ke4-Kc6 solved by the judge, seems to be sound
10 22.01. Armando Dippet Ka4-Kb2  
11 26.01. Hermione Granger Kg5-Kb5 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
12 31.01. Stan Shunpike Kh1-Kb1 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
13 05.02. Rubeus Hagrid Kc8-Kc5 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
14 15.02. Rufus Scrimgeour Kd7-Ka7 solved by the judge, seems to be sound
15 25.02. Viktor Krum Ke5-Ke8 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
16 29.02. Barnabas Cuffe Ka5-Kb8  
17 13.03 Zlatoslav Lockhart Ke4-Kb7 Solved by the judge. The try 1.Nc7 has the second refutation 2...Kc6. Unclear side lines, what about 2...Kb5 3.cxd4 Nc6 with an extra rook?
18 14.03. Remus Lupin Kd1-Ka8 Solved and cooked by the judge - side line 5.Nc3!.
19 17.03. Dedalus Diggle Kh2-Kc1 Seems to be sound. Positional draw 2 = Positional draw 4.
20 17.03. Dorcas Meadowes Kf1-Kd1 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
21 17.03. Emeric Switch Ka3-Kh8 fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
22 07.04. Ron Weasley Kf1-Ke4 seems to be sound, solved by the judge with a computer help
23 08.04. Arsenius Jigger Kh6-Kh8 solved by the judge with computer help, seems to be sound
24 12.04. Algernon Rookwood Kh1-Ke4 solved by the judge with computer help, seems to be sound
25 16.04 Zlatoslav Lockhart Ke4-Kb6 correction of 17, seems to be sound
26 16.04. Sibylla Trelawney Kd5-Ka2 Such difficult position we cannot accept without supporting analyses. For example what about 8.Kxd6 or 9...Ra6 or 12...Kc4.
27 23.04. Minerva McGonagall Kc4-Ke6 solved by the judge with computer help, seems to be sound
28 02.05. Argus Filch Kh4-Ke4 Received both versions. Trustworthy analysis is missing, a lot of cooks. For example 2.Qg4+! Kf6 3.Bd8+! or 1...Kd5! 2.Qd7+ Kc4 3.Qa4+ Kd5!.
29 08.05. Dexter Fortescue Kd1-Kd7 Fully solved by the judge. The construction is not original (Zinar, Didukh).
30 12.05. Malcolm Baddock Kb3-Kf2 Solved by the judge using computer. Seems to be sound.
31 13.05. Lachlan the Lanky Kf4-Kh5 Fully solved by the judge without computer. Seems to be sound.
32 14.05 Euan Abercrombie Kc8-Kh6 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
33 14.05. Stewart Ackerley Kh8-Kc4 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
34 20.05. Damokles Belby Ka3-Kh7 Fully solved by the judge with computer help. Seems to be sound.
35 28.05. Broderick Bode Ke4-Ka8 full plagiat Zachodyakin 1931, 1. Pr 64, mirrored
36 28.05. Dirk Cresswell Ka8-Ka1 Fully solved by the judge, seems to be sound
37 29.05. Jimmy Peakes Kg8-Kh6 The judge could not find the saving indea, the study lacksa finale.
38 30.05. Ernie Prang Ka2-Kg2 Analyzed and solved by the judge. EGTB tested.
39 30.05. Herbert Burke Kg8-Kb7  
40 02.06. Edgar Bones Kh3-Kg6 Solved by the judge.
41 04.06. Dolores Umbridge Kd5-Kg4 EV: immediately evaluated as unsound.
42 05.06. Poppy Pomfrey Ke8-Kh7 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
43 08.06. Hippokrates Smethwyck Kf3-Kd2 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
44 10.06. Erik Munch Ke5-Kh1 EGTB based, sound.
45 11.06. Cuthbert Binns Kb7-Kd4 canceleld by author
46 11.06 Ted Tonks Kc6-Ka8  
47 11.06. Eric Whalley Kf7-Kh6 EV: Immediately found a lot of duals.
48 13.06. Morag MacDougal Ka7-Kg5 Solved by the judge using computer, seems to be sound
49 13.06. Pany Parkinson Kd3-Kb7 Solved by the judge using computer, seems to be sound
50 13.06 Alastor Moody Ke1-Kb6 Solved by the judge using computer, seems to be sound
51 13.06. Kevin Whitby Ka4-Kh3 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound
52 13.06. Jack Sloper Kh1-Kf4 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
53 14.06. Godric Gryffindor Kg3-Kc2 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
54 14.06. Harry Potter Kd3-Kh3 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
55 14.06 Enid Smeek Kc1-Kf3 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
56 14.06 Bowman Wright Kd5-Ka5 Solved by the judge, seems to be sound.
57 15.06. Oliver Wood Kb7-Kd1  
58 15.06. Bob Ogden Kc7-Kg6 cancelled by the author because of duals
59 15.06. Sirius Black Ka6-Kc8  
60 15.06. Gladys Gudgeon Kg2-Kb3 Several unclear side lines.
61 15.06. Ciceron Harkiss Kb1-Ka7 Dual 8.Nxc6/ 8.Rh7 and probably also 3.Nxc6 Bxc6 4.Rxc6 Rxd7 5.Rhh6!
62 15.06. Gilbert Wimple Ke1-Ka5 Unsound 6... Kb4!
63 15.06. Andrew Kirk Kh4-Kf5  


Diary 2

The tournament is closed with 63 entries, 37 authors from 18 countries.  
Excluded/cancelled pieces 3, 6, 17, 18, 26, 28, 35, 41,
45, 58, 61, 62 (12).
51 pieces will be judged.

Award in Československý šach

Fritz 100 MT preliminary award part 1  

The August issue of  Československý šach (8/2012)  published the first part of preliminary award with Prizes and Honourable mentions

From technical reasons (not enough space) the second part (Commendations) will be published in the middle of September in 9/2012.  
As the Československý šach is an important sponsor of  Czech  endgame studies tournaments, we respect its publishing priority.
So the complete enhanced award in English will be published here in September after publication in the Magazine.  

Fritz 100 MT preliminary award part 2  

The September issue of  Československý šach (9/2012)  published the second part of preliminary award with Commendations

Links  Československý šach studies  PDF part1  PDF part2  PGN download  replay 

Award in English

Here is the extended English version of Preliminary Award in PGN and PDF.

Responses, Protest

03.08.2012 Sergiy Didukh

The   award   of   the  Fritz-100  surprised  me  a  lot. I think it's clear to everyone that "судил дебил"!  Sergiy Didukh
(Emil Vlasak: The Russian sentence means “judged from an arsehole”).

In the following correspondence Mr. Didukh offered to show moments the judge did not see and did not understand, but finally he was unable to give any.
He only repeated subjective arguments supporting his view his study (“only” 1st honorable mention) is the best one in the tourney.
The WFCC was asked to to take a clear stand.

27.08.2012 Jaroslav Pospisil
Dear Mr. Polasek!

The study Nr. 64 Bazlov Kd5/Ke5 is insoluble according to Basic Chess Rules (articles 5.2e and 9.3.b).
After 1.Ne5 Qg2+!  2.Kc5 Kxa6  3.Rb8 Qb7!  4.Rxb7 Kxb7  we have the endgame Kc5 Ne5 Ne7 - Kb7 Pd4 which needs more than 50 moves (after 1.Nd3 White needs 61 moves to reach mate).
(EV I cut-off
here some technical details).
Because the tournament was organized by the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic the Articles should be respected.
The Permanent
 Commission of FIDE (PCCC) no longer exists being excommunicated from FIDE so the Codex (to which you are referring to in the past) lost the force.

After the clumsy Didukh case the Pospisil's one is rather ridiculous. Of course, the Basic Chess Rules don't also mention a lot of principal terms as anticipation, cook, dual, etc.
So without Codex we cannot organize any composition tournament.
By the way, the Fritz 100MT is organized not only by the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic but also by Association of Czech Problemists.

11.09.2012 Amatzia Avni

We apologize to Mr. Avni for misprinting his first name.
The problem arose at the moment the entry was received and the copy + paste method delivered it in all materials.
I corrected all places where possible.

11.09.2012 Martin Minski

This is an excellent Award in superior presentation and with understandable and detailed comments.
I find that the study of Y. Bazlov is the deserving 1st Prize.
Many thanks to you and to Jaroslav for your excellent organization!

11.09.2012  Anatoly  Skripnik

See attachment (Bazlov 3-rd priz Kudesnik 2009) so study Bazlov in Fritz-100 (4-th hm) I think same and this study must be delite from award. 

[Event "3rd Prize, Kudesnik 2009-1010"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "????.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Bazlov=Y"]
[Black "?"]
[Result "1-0"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "8/q1p5/pk6/4N3/BK1N4/8/8/8 w - - 0 1"]
[PlyCount "27"]
[SourceDate "2005.01.24"]

1. Nd7+ Kb7 2. Nc5+ Kb6 3. Bc6 $1 a5+ 4. Kc4 a4 5. Nxa4+ Ka6 6. Nc5+ Kb6 7.
Nd7+ Ka6 8. Kd3 Ka5 9. Kc3 Ka6 (9... Qa6 10. Nb3#) 10. Kc4 Ka5 11. Nb3+ Ka6 12.
Nbc5+ Ka5 13. Bb5 $1 Qa8 14. Nb3# 1-0

The judge rejects this protest.
The quoted study from Kudesnik tournament is nice with impressive triangulating, but it has only the same material with 4th hm; final mate here is completely different and original.

12.08.2012 Emil Melnichenko

Congratulations to You and Jaroslav Polasek on an excellently organized and managed tourney. 
I like the use of Harry Potter characters to anonymize the participants, the publicizing of individual comments and the website exclusively prepared for the competition. 
Hopefully, future organizers and judges will learn from Your superlative example. 

Final award

Main Section

1st Prize 2000 CZK Yuri Bazlov, RUS
2nd –3rd Prize 1625 CZK Yochanan Afek, ISR/NED
2nd –3rd Prize 1625 CZK Amatzia Avni, ISR and Yochanan Afek, ISR/NED
4th Prize 1250 CZK Daniel Keith, FRA and Martin Minski, DEU
5th Prize 1000 CZK Ladislav Salai jr., SVK
1st Honourable mention   Sergey Didukh, UKR
2nd Honourable mention   Richard Becker, USA
3rd Honourable mention   Árpád Rusz, ROU
4th Honourable mention   Yuri Bazlov, RUS
5th Honourable mention   Pavel Arestov, RUS
6th Honourable mention   János Mikitovics, HUN and An. Nikolajevich Skripnik, RUS
Commendation   Valery Vlasenko, UKR
Commendation   Yuri Bazlov, RUS
Commendation   Martin Minski, DEU
Commendation   Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, DNK
Commendation   Emil Melnichenko, NZE
Commendation   An. Nikolajevich Skripnik, RUS and János Mikitovics, HUN
Commendation   Jaroslav Pospíšil, CZE
Commendation   Vladislav Tarasyuk, UKR
Commendation   Alain Pallier, FRA
Commendation   János Mikitovics, HUN
Commendation   Valery Kalashnikov, RUS
Commendation   Valery Kalashnikov, RUS

Fritz motives development

1st Prize 1500 CZK Eduard Eilazjan, UKR
2nd Prize 1000 CZK Árpád Rusz, ROU
Honourable mention   Michal Hlinka, SVK
Commendation   Iuri Akobia, GEO
Commendation   Michal Hlinka, SVK and Emil Vlasák, CZE

1 EUR is about 25 CZK

We have not got any serious protest about the Preliminary award.
So the Preliminary award turns unchanged into the Final one.
Československý šach Magazine will print this information in 11/2012.

The full Final Award (PFD, English).  PGN download  replay 

Diary 3

Zpráva o turnaji na webu Českého šachového svazu /The tournament report on Chess Federation of the Czech Republic web.

Money Prizes transferred
Afek, Avni, Keith, Minski, Salai (through Dragoun), Rusz, Eilazjan.

Yochanan Afek published small report about the tournament 

Bazlov code 3788834650